Doodle cake and Doodle cakes/cookies is a reghistered trademark and food owned by wish upon a cake.  

We are proud to announce our signature Doodle range of delicious cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Now you can design and personalise your own cakes and cookies with a little help from us.

With our specialist equipment we are now able to transform your very own artwork onto our cakes and cookies making them extra special with a personal touch which you, your friends and family will never forget, making them truly unique.

From pictures and drawings to special messages........ the choice is yours, providing lots of fun for both children and adults.


 The story of Doodle cakes

Doodle cakes was created by myself and my daughter when she was 5 years old. We wanted to make a special birthday cake for her daddy and whilst she sat at the kitchen table doodling I had the idea of asking her to draw some pictures for her daddy's cake.

Later that day I made the cake and used her Doodles to decorate it.

She was so exited to tell him what each picture meant to her and that's when I knew this idea would be lots of fun for both children and adults.

Together we created Doodle cakes and cookies, and thanks to my daughter my logo and the Doodle range can now be shared with you.

Doodle cakes is a registered trademark. This means our cakes and cookies can never be copied by any one else and are truly unique to both Wish upon a cake and our customers.


 Doodle ideas and images

Some image's of our Doodle range can be seen on our gallery page but please remember these are an example of previously made cakes and cookies and your own artwork will be used for your order.

          "It's not a Doodle cake unless it has our Doodle Cakes logo"



How to place a Doodle order .

If you would like to place an order or have any questions please contact us via our contact page or email us directly via

Due to the personalisation of these cakes and cookies payment for our Doodle range is required in full. Please see our Doodle T's and C's for more information.

We offer a choice of icing colours for our Doodle cakes which include white, light green, blue, pink, light purple/violet, yellow and orange. Red and green icing is available for Christmas and Valentines Day only.

Our cupcake cases are available in a rainbow mix (red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green and pink) or you may choose one of the above colours. We also have silver and black cases available which are not included in the rainbow mix.

Once your order has been recieved we will send your confirmation along with instructions and tips on designing your Doodles. Please send your Doodles by post or email no later than one week before your order is due.

If you have any questions please contact us via our contact page.

 Please note will not use any artwork, doodles or wording which we find offensive.