Prices and Portions

 We advise our customers to book their celebration cakes at least 3 weeks prior to the event and for wedding orders at least 2 months in advance.

However, earlier booking is highly recommended as once we are fully booked we are unable to take any further bookings. This ensures we spend all our valuable time on your order.

You can place an order by visiting our contact us page or emailing us directly via

Below is an approximate guide to the portions sizes you can expect from our cakes. Wedding cakes are normally cut smaller than birthday cake portions.



   Size     Square


    4"         7        6
    6"        15       13
    8"        30       24
   10"        48       38


       70       56



  Size    Square     Round
    4"        13         10
    6"        30        25
   8"        58        46
   10"        92        72
   12"       133       105



Cake prices guide

Celebration cakes from              £45

Christmas fruit cakes from         £40  

Single numerals                          £55+

Double numerals                         £85+

Triple numerals                          £120+  

Edible photo cakes from             £50     

Novelty hand carved cakes         £60+

Ralph Lauren themed rainbow sponge cake - 3,4,5 layers from  -  £70

Dummy cakes / Iced and decorated  -  from £15


Doodle cake and cookie prices


Doodle cakes from  £40      

Doodle wedding cakes from £240  (based on 3 tiers)                                                                                                                                         Doodle cookies   £2.50 each                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Doodle cupcakes  £2.50 each                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Doodle champagne flutes   £3.50 each

Doodle icing colours - White, light green, blue, pink, light purple/violet, yellow and Orange.

Doodle Christmas and Valentines day limited edition icing - Red and green


Doodle cupcake cases    

1) Rainbow mix including  purple, yellow, blue, red, pink, orange and green. 

2) Your choice of one colour as above plus black, silver and gold are also available.




Wedding cake prices

Every cake we make is unique, and individually designed to our client's specifications.          

As a guide, a 3 tier sponge wedding cake with minimal decoration start from £260. 

10% discount for customers who order both their wedding cake and cookies from Wish Upon A Cake.



Champagne flute cupcakes

**NEW** Champagne flute cupcakes - £2.90 each




Cupcakes £1.70 + each

Cupcakes with large edible printed images -  £1.80 + each

Standard cake boxes are included free of charge (not including individual cupcake box's)

10% off orders of 50+ cupcakes



Cookie prices

Min order 15. Includes gift wrap with satin or curling ribbons

Large cookies £2.00 + each                                                                    

Small cookies £1.50 + each (Plain icing i.e butterfly/star shaped/ great for children)

Photo/image cookies £2.00 each

10% off orders of 50 or more


Optional extras   

- "Thank you" or "Just married" cookie tags - 10p each

- Initials/numerals  10p per cookie

- Silver cross / made with love charms 10p each



Sweetie trees

Super party size / silver pot / personalised label - £35

Smaller size / coloured pot -  £25

These prices are for our lolly mix, sweetie party mix, marshmallow mix and liquorice allsorts mix. The pots are also filled with sweets. Please note the smaller size does not hold as many sweets in the pot as the super size. Please contact us if you require anything different. 

10% off orders of 3 or more    15% off orders of 6 or more



Wedding and party hire

The cost for the hire of our wishing well is £40 for up to 3 days, giving you plenty of time to collect and return the item. A £20 insurance fee is also required and will be refunded upon undamaged return of the item hired.

A cancellation fee of £20 is charged should you wish to cancel.


Crystal Manzinanta trees

£15 per tree or £80 for hire of all 6 trees for up to 3 days and includes our crystal decorations (must be returned with the trees) or you may decorate them your self providing no damage is caused.

A £50 insurance fee is also required for the hire of our trees and will be refunded upon undamaged return of them. 

Delivery, set up and collection of our trees is available for an additional fee. However this is free of charge with a 10 mile radius of Stevenage.

A cancellation fee of £20 is charged should you wish to cancel.


DIY Fishbowls and mirror plates

Our fishbowls can be hired with a round mirror plate and decorated by yourself adding your own personal touch to your special day. They are £5 per bowl and mirror plate.

A £40 insurance fee is also required for the hire and will be refunded upon undamaged return of them. 

Delivery, set up and collection is available for an additional fee.

A cancellation fee of £20 is charged should you wish to cancel.                                                                                


Please visit our items for hire page to view a selection of our items for hire.